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Evrex Cloud Management

cloudmanagementEvrex Secure Cloud Archival ( ESCA ) is powered by combining best technologies supporting a fully managed service designed offering built from the ground up specifically for organizations with expectations of extreme security, reliability and redundancy levels. The ESCA is accessible via a single namespace capable of handling billions of files, which means that customers can write to one location and have access to any one or all of their encrypted data. You can move data from your premises to Evrex facility with built in replication capabilities, one site to the other for enhanced availability. In addition if current storage limitations or lack of disaster recovery planning are not meeting mandates of your company. You can move your files directly to ESCA and leverage the disaster recovery strategy. With archival storage being a mission critical focus, ESCA delivers hardened and proven second generation technology which enables you to handle the proliferation of unstructured files comply with regulatory requirements and satisfy backup needs, while taking advantage of the following:

  1. Usage based pricing.
  2. Guaranteed Qo S levels.
  3. Elastic flexibility.
  4. Multi-level data and physical security.
  5. One flat monthly rate for uploads, downloads and replications.
  6. No maintenance for technology refresh costs.
  7. 24/7/365 availability of your data.
  8. Peace of mind to know that your archival data is secured and safe from malicious intent of disgruntled employee or by accident.

The ESCA is accessible thorough SSL, point-to-print gateways or the standard Web based Services O3 offering. It is also fully integrated with archiving software solution and appliances enabling one click to archive.

Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup Service (ABS) solves data protection challenges with a complete and easy-to-manage service that backs up data from any source and recovers to any destination and system. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup Service backs up physical and virtual servers and PCs to your local storage or Acronis’ secure data centers.

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Acronis Backup Advanced

Acronis® Backup Advanced suite delivers the best in class data protection products for your entire environment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, the suite provides the fastest, most efficient backup and recovery available for your Windows® / Linux environments and VMware®, Microsoft®, Citrix®, Red Hat®, and Oracle® hypervisors – including the operating system, applications, configurations and data.

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