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IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series

When it comes to information archive strategy, digital has met its ideal partner.


Future-proof your records management with the IMAGELINK Reference Archive System.

Digital’s ideal partner


The IMAGELINK Reference Archive System includes a complete information security system: hardware, software, media, service, quality monitoring and disaster recovery.

  • IMAGELINK Archive Writer 9600 — to create exceptional images day after day
  • IMAGELINK Archive Writer Application Software—for formatting and index coding of film
  • IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media and IMAGELINK Smart Cassettes — ISO/ANSI certified 16 mm microfilm with a 500-year lifespan when stored under proper conditions
  • InfoGuard Monitoring Program for service providers—to assure crisp, high-quality film and images
  • IMAGELINK Disaster Recovery Program — providing cleaning, re-spooling and re-labeling of any damaged film
  • World-class service to keep you continuously productive

IMAGELINK Reference Archive System


The IMAGELINK Reference Archive System safeguards critical digital documents on ISO-standard, archival-quality IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media.


You have important digital documents. Everyone does because digital is here to stay. However, you also need to guard against costly compatibility, migration and deterioration issues. Most companies refresh CDs every three years, and DAT and LTO magnetic tapes every five. Ongoing migration is expensive and risks transcription errors and metadata loss. And there’s no guarantee that your digital media or formats will be compatible or supported in the future.


What if you could capture your digital data and documents once and forever on IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media — a searchable, human-readable, safe, cost-effective, and long-term medium? IMAGELINK Media has been demonstrated to last 200 times longer than the anticipated lifespan of information on DVD. Documents stored on IMAGELINK Media can be part of a system that allows you to search, find and re-digitize any record.


You can future-proof your records management now with the IMAGELINK Reference Archive System.

How it works

  1. Send Microsoft Office, PDF, PDF/A, JPG and TIFF files from
    servers, scanners, offline storage media and more to Reference Archive
  2. Files are verified, batched and delivered to Archive Writer 9600
  3. Images written to one or two cassettes of archive media simultaneously with text file indices generated
  4. IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media— with a life expectancy of at least 500 years under proper storage conditions—can be stored on- and off-site
  5. Text file indices can populate a Reference Archive database
    or be merged back into the enterprise system