Evrex | Imagelink RA Microfilm
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Main features

  • High-resolution sharp images
  • Special anti-halation layer that improves
    sharpness and facilitates daylight loading
  • Process-surviving anti-static backing that reduces
    dirt and static problems in retrieval, scanning, and
    duplicating equipment
  • Manufactured to ISO and ANSI standards for
    LE-500 films
  • Spectral sensitivity adjusts to red light LED
    680 nm

IMAGELINK RA Microfilm is a highresolution microfilm specially formulated for the IMAGELINK 4800 Digital Archive Writer, and the IMAGELINK 9600 Series Archive Writer.


Avoid the risk and expense of digital-only records with IMAGELINK RA Microfilm. It protects your critical business records from loss or tampering by rendering a faithful analog copy of your electronic records. These non-volatile documents can be accessed electronically to authenticate current activities (such as online transactions, property records, birth and death certificates, or court records) or to support audit activities triggered by regulatory measures and legal actions. Records on IMAGELINK RA Microfilm satisfy litigation and meet regulatory and audit requirements.


This archival media has a Life Expectancy (LE) of at least 500 years when processed and stored according to the recommended practices of ISO and ANSI.


Spectral Sensitivity

Red light LED 680 nm, high speed



630 lines/mm



IMAGELINK RA Microfilm is suitable for processing in “deep tank” microfilm processors and tabletop processors such as the IMAGELINK Archive Processor.


Processing Chemicals

IMAGELINK RA Microfilm has been designed and tested to yield optimum results using common IMAGELINK processing chemicals and parameters. However, it is compatible with other standard microfilm processing equipment and high-quality chemicals. (Results may vary.)
IMPORTANT: For best results and to avoid aeration, always add chemical concentrate to water, not water to concentrate.


Replenishment Rates

Use the chart and formula provided to determine the developer and fixer replenishment rates (mL/min) by multiplying transport speed (ft/min), which is determined by dividing the path length of the developer tank in feet by the dwell time in seconds and multiplying by 60 and the appropriate processor replenishment specification (mL/linear foot). For example:

Replenishment Specification (mL/linear ft)

Type of Processor Dev Fix
IMAGELINK Archive Processor 0.75 0.75
Medium tank 0.80 0.75
Deep tank 1.00 1.25

Product Offerings

Type Width Length Core Catalog No. Case Qty
Pet 06 16 mm 66 m (215ft) MSP 334NXDM 100
Pet 13 16 mm 30.5 m (100ft) MSP 134NXEO 100

Physical Properties

Film type: Silver Halide
Base: Polyester
Type Base Thickness Film Thickness before Processing
Pet 06 0.062 mm 0.067 mm
Pet 13 0.130 mm 0.135 mm