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IMAGELINK Microfilms offer unparalleled performance, handling, and digital-ready images. We supply a wide varietly of microfilm including duplicating, source document and Wet COM. All IMAGELINK silver microfilms meet ISO LE 500 specifications for capturing and storing images of permanent value.


IMAGELINK Microfilm Storage cabinets are the convenient way to simplify roll microfilm storage and retrieval in your office. Just talk to the micrographics professionals who sell Eastman Park Micrographics products.

Reference Archive Microfilm Media

IMAGELINK Reference Archive media is the premier media for preservation of your valuable digital documents and images.  In conjuction with IMAGELINK 9600 Series Writers Reference Archive media provides for high quality duplicates and clean crisp digital images on display or print.


Source Document Microfilms

Whether you’re working with rotary and planetary equipment; fluorescent or xenon flash exposure; medium or high speed; we’ve got a silver halide Source Document Microfilm for you.


Microfilm Scanners

E-Image Data ScanPro 1100

The Low Cost Microfilm Scanner for All of Your Microfilm Applications The ScanPro 1100 is low cost and high performance The ScanPro 1100 is the microfilm scanner of choice for libraries, businesses and researchers facing tight budgets. The ScanPro 1100 has the same robust design as the ScanPro 2000 and the ScanPro 3000, is built…



E-Image Data ScanPro 3000

Highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image. Highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image. The ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner features a 26_megapixel_camera, nearly twice the optical resolution of any microfilm scanner. The ScanPro 3000’s 26 megapixel camera uses proprietary technology developed by e-ImageData to capture 26 Megapixels of optical image information using a…