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Evrex Archival & Storage

  • Silent Brick is a perfect replacement for tape back-up.  You get benefits of disk and eliminate tape breaking etc.  Back-UP software sees the Silent Brick as a tape.  Brick is sold at tape prices.  Bricks are “Movable”, from one data center to another, without losing redundancy, so you can very inexpensively move a ton of data between data centers, via FedEx etc.   If you are using DataDomain as a spinning disk back-up solution. Bricks are 5x less expensive. Bricks are also used for tiered archiving of vast amounts of data. Bricks start at 6-12 TB, & go into the 40-60 PB range.
  • Silent Cube – Most secure “WORM” storage device on planet. Used to move data that is not retrieved anymore from primary storage, freeing primary storage of space, so more expensive primary storage does not need to be purchased.

FAST LTA Silent Brick

evrex-cloud-archival-300x251The Silent Brick Library consists of highly scalable hard disk arrays to give you a Cold Storage system that secures data in the most energy saving and cost efficient way.
Data is stored in dedicated areas based on a linear data structure. You‘ll always know which Silent Brick holds your data – and which one doesn‘t.

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Silent Cube Storage Unit

Big Solution in a small package

The easiest route to revision-safe long-term archiving. The new Silent Cube Compact now makes ultra-secure, legally-compliant long-term archiving of digital data easier than ever.

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The IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series are an ideal way to archive records with on-the-fly writing of standard business files including Microsoft Word, PPT/PDF and color or grayscale JPEG images.

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