Evrex | Silent Cubes C4 Head Unit
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Silent Cube C4 Head Unit

Evrex is pleased to announce the release of a new, enhanced Head Unit, the “C4”. The C4 Head Unit features dual power supplies and four LAN ports. Two LAN ports can be dedicated to data transfer.


The new C4 Head Unit eliminates all single points of failure. The C4 has redundant hot-swappable power supplies, data LAN ports and Hard Disk Drive cache. Hot Swappable disk drives eliminate the need to take the device offline for disk maintenance. One Terabyte of mirrored HDD Cache insures Cache redundancy, while providing a large I/O buffer for the most demanding applications.

Technical Specifications


C4 Head Unit

Quad Core

C2 Head Unit

Dual Core

Cache HDD

2x 1 TB RAID 1 Hot Swappable
4x Gigabit Ethernet=1x

2x 1 TB RAID 1
2x Gigabit Ethernet=1x


Administration 1x for the Silent
Cubes 2x for Data Transfer

Administration and Data Transfer
1x for the Silent Cubes

Power Supplies

2x (Hot Swappable)



4 GB (16 GB optional)

4 GB

Product Specs

Available Silent Cube Configurations:

Gross Storage Net Storage
6 Terabytes 4 Terabytes
12 Terabytes 8 Terabytes
24 Terabytes 16 Terabytes
36 Terabytes 24 Terabytes

Disk Redundancy:

Component Disk Configuration
C2 Head Unit RAID 1
C4 Head Unit RAID 1
Silent Cubes Reed Solomon:
4 times as secure as RAID 5


From 4 Terabytes net to over 3 Petabytes net user storage! (Up to 128 Cubes per system.)
Silent Cube Power Consumption:
100 Watts in Full Production Mode
Less than 2 Watts in Standby Mode

Protocol Support:

Active Directories