Evrex | Silent Cubes Storage Unit
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Silent Cube Storage Unit

Big Solution in a small package


The easiest route to revision-safe long-term archiving.


The new Silent Cube Compact now makes ultra-secure, legally-compliant long-term archiving of digital data easier than ever.

It combines the functionality of a Head Unit for network connection, the Compliance Option with certification for revision-safe storage, and the long-term storage for permanently and unalterably storing 1, 2 or 4 TB (net), all in a compact, thermally-optimized housing with quadruple redundancy. For all its performance, the Silent Cube Compact takes up just minimum space and is particularly energy- efficient. Connects to your archiving solution within minutes via network share. Should your data storage needs increase at any time, the Silent Cube Compact is always expandable by simply adding more Silent Cube units while all your data can also be replicated at a second location.


With four redundancy resources,the reduncancy coding for Silent Cubes is more secure than a mirrored RAID6 configuration.


Installation, maintenance, and expansion of Silent Cubes requires very little investment and manpower.


Silent Cube storage systems are scalable into the petabyte realm. You can add storage units at any time.


Should there ever be a failure, our service will replace the respective components whle preserving all your data. Even software updates and hardward costs are fully covered.