Evrex | Video Surveillance
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Video Surveillance

The primary purpose of installing surveillance cameras is to act as deterrence to robbers, criminals, petty thieves and unscrupulous elements from indulging in theft, illicit and criminal activities. Security cameras are installed in offices, stores, malls, hospitals, condominiums, schools, university campuses, airports and other public areas. These cameras monitor suspicious activities, stop theft, vandalism and shoplifting. Staff monitoring cameras and centrally manned systems can also inform local police and state law enforcement officials about developing dangerous situations. Evrex has partnered with Toshiba and other leading manufacturers to provide you latest state of the art surveillance and security equipment.
Evrex will help and assist you in formulating a comprehensive solution for storing your video data for short term or long term archival basis. Please contact us for your particular requirement via email at info@evrex.com or call us at 1-800-228-6616

Toshiba Product Line

  • Analog Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Analog Recorders (DVR’s)
  • IP/Network Recorders (NVR’s)
  • Hybrid Recorders
  • Stand-alone recording software
  • Security 24×7 monitors
  • Camera accessories / POS integrations / analytics, etc.

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Droid
  • Blackberry


All of the above are available now and are free.
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