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Scanning & Archiving Services

Evrex has extensive experience, knowledge and know how in scanning, digitizing, microfilm and long term archiving.  We can assist and help you in following areas:


  • Microfilm and microfiche scanning
  • Book scanning including fragile material, lab books, county registers etc.
  • Paper scanning
  • Convert your digital data into a permanent 500 years analogue archive media
  • Move your fixed data from expensive storage servers into a much lower cost and energy saving TRUE WORM ( write once read many ) network attached storage. Our Silent Cube is also a disk-based long term data storage alternative to digital tapes and optical media.


We have on premises state of the art Fuji AR-1000 Film Writers.  The Network-Enabled Microfilm Archive Solution for managing digital data.    The AR-100 will directly record digital data onto microfilm, providing an archival life of up to 500 years for valuable information assets.  Our AR-1000 offers a document management solution by managing the lifecycle of the documents from creation through storage and destruction.  Volumes of documents are output as batch jobs on multiple rolls of film with an economical layout.  Large size drawing images are easily output by reduction, rotation and division of the image.   If you need to preserve your data permanently we can be your outsource partner.  We offer this service to government agencies.  All work is done in Southern California by our staff. Nothing goes overseas and you have the peace of mind that your vendor is a California corporation in business since 1983.    Here are some of the benefits for you:


  • 500 Years of Protection – it is best suited for long-term preservation of important documents and valuable digital data.
  • High Speed Recording – Business-sized records can be recorded at more than 400 pages per minute.
  • Better Quality – Up to 35% better resolution than any competing product. 5.9 resolution target on film equal to 300 dpi.
  • Test before you drive – before we take a particular job we will provide you free sample so that you see the quality.
  • Big cost savings – we are doing all the work for you. You don’t have to buy and maintain expensive equipment and supplies.
  • Disaster recovery – by permanently archiving your digital data you will never loose important data.



For a no obligation conversation or meeting please call us at 800-228-6616 or email us at info@evrex.com

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