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Silent Brick Library

FAST LTA revolutionizes the disk library

The Silent Brick Library consists of highly scalable hard disk arrays to give you a Cold Storage system that secures data in the most energy saving and cost efficient way.

Data is stored in dedicated areas based on a linear data structure. You‘ll always know which Silent Brick holds your data – and which one doesn‘t.

The highlight of the system: Each Silent Brick storage container is removable, it holds the complete set of redundancies and will only be powered up when needed.
Energy saving at its best.


Don‘t compromise on security

Silent Bricks are based on the very same FAST LTA Erasure Coding technology with up to 4 redundancy levels that has been proven in thousands of installations. Data is scanned regularly with a Digital Audit and rebuild procedure. No bit will ever be lost.

Silent Brick

The Silent Brick is a secure storage container, holding 12 hard disks. Depending on configuration, up to 4 redundancies and up to 12 terabytes net storage are available. The robust aluminium housing opens without any tools for easy servicability. The e-Paper display acts as electronic label, even without a power

Silent Brick Storage Container

Secure storage container for Silent Brick Library cold storage

Hard Disks 12 hard disks from 3 different manufacturers, 2.5 inch
Data Security Erasure Resilient Coding with 0, 2 or 4 redundancies
Capacity (gross) 12 TB (1 TB hard disks)
Capacity (net) 12 TB (redundancy level 0)
10 TB (redundancy level 2)
8 TB (redundancy level 4)
Dimensions 115 / 30 / 542 mm (H/W/D)
Weight (with disks) 2 kg
Features e-Paper display as electronic label
No tools required for opening the container and exchanging hard disks


Silent Brick Library Controller

High-performance server for management of the Silent Brick Library

Technical Specifications Intel XEON® quad-core CPU
Redundant power supplies
GPU for redundancy calculations (ERC), lossless compression,
and 256 Bit AES encryption
Data Interfaces Dual 8G Fibre Channel or
Dual 10 GBit LAN with iSCSI support
with up to 1000 MB / Sec data throughput
Capacity 5 slots for Silent Brick storage containers
60 TB (12 TB Silent Bricks)
Expandable via SAS Dual Wide Link 8x 6 GBit/s
Dimensions 3 HU / 19 inch / 785 mm (H/W/D)
Weight 17 kg (empty) / 27 kg (with 5 Silent Bricks)


Silent Brick Storage Shelf

Storage expansion unit for Silent Brick Library

Capacity 14 slots for SIlent Brick storage container
168 TB (uncompressed , 1 TB hard disks)
Connection Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Dual Wide Link 8x 6 GBit/s
Dimensions 3 HU / 19 inch / 785 mm (H/W/D)
Weight 16 kg (empty) / 44 kg (with 14 Silent Bricks)